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Carol Sherman 


Carol sets the strategy and oversees operations of all of Natural 9 Entertainment’s development and production. As the founder of both Tri-Crown Productions and Natural 9 Entertainment, Carol has been dedicated to igniting curiosity and delivering the thrill of live entertainment to almost every broadcast and cable network.


Prior to creating some of the most innovative and groundbreaking television programs, Carol was the CFO of KABC-TV in Los Angeles. There, she worked closely with the news, programing and sales teams to finance the largest slate of local original programming in the history of local television.


Understanding the needs of not only content creation, but the distribution, sales and, most importantly, the promotion of the programming has made Carol the “go to” production leader for new networks. When FOX Reality Channel first launched, Carol provided more 

than 300 episodes of daily programming to increase their original content in the very first year. When Bill Daniels and Roger Werner launched The Speed Channel and The Outdoor Life Network, Carol worked closely with Roger on the initial presentation, and provided more than 600 episodes in the first programming year.


Under Carol’s leadership, she has delivered more than 4,000 hours of television programming ranging from live specials like Robbie Knievel’s Grand Canyon Death Jump Live! to award-winning documentaries such as Battlefront where veterans from both sides of a war tell their personal stories of combat about a specific battle.


Carol has earned 9 Emmy Awards for programs ranging from Smithsonian: America’s Time Machine to The World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rallies, but collecting awards is second to her helping and mentoring young, bright minds. She is most proud of the successful alumni who have worked with her over the years, all of which continue to seek her opinion as their careers expand to new horizons.


Carol was also one of the founding members of “The Extreme Hot Air Ballooning Team," a group who dare to "Rule the Sky!” with their French made speed balloons, which can reach speeds of more than 118 miles per hour.

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