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Christine Blake

Senior Vice President in

Charge of Production

Born and raised in Southern California, Christine always knew she wanted to be in the entertainment industry. “When I was in fourth grade, I wrote a letter to Aaron Spelling pitching him a television show idea. He didn’t buy it, but I received an 8x10 of the cast of Charlie's Angels!” She was hooked.


After graduating from The University of Southern California, Christine began working at Tri-Crown Productions, and has worked with Carol Sherman and Jeff Androsky on and off ever since. “Carol and Jeff have been wonderful mentors. They have taught me both the creative and the business side of producing quality television, as well as when to double down at the blackjack table.“


After six years of working her way up as a segment producer, Christine was put in charge of a new wish-fulfillment show for Prime Network called Total Rush. The host was an up-and-coming young man named Ryan Seacrest.

Christine has also produced over 30 of the Paul Mitchell Celebrity Sports Invitationals for FOX Sports hosted by everyone from Pat O’Brien to Giancarlo Esposito to Kris Jenner.

Christine learned early on that her analytical mind was conducive to producing television shows, especially live events. Keeping track of the many details to produce a live television event like Robby Knievel Death Jump Live! for the FOX Network or beauty pageants like Mrs. America and Mrs. World for WE or award shows like The Really Awards is one of Christine’s favorite things to do. “I am in my element when I’m asked and figure out the answer to any question thrown my way. And there’s nothing like the thrill of live TV.”


Also exciting to Christine is the pace of running a daily television series. “In the beginning the thought of having to deliver a television show everyday can be daunting, but then you get into a system, and it’s a lot of fun. You just can never be sick!” Christine produced more than 780 episodes of 9 on the Town for VIACOM, as well as, 890 episodes of Reality Remix for FOX Reality.


Christine has been lucky enough to criss-cross the globe producing television. From Australia and New Zealand for Stuntwomen Live for FOX to Monte Carlo for Champions of Magic for ABC, Christine loves the challenge of bringing a big crew to a foreign country and logistically making the project run smoothly.


“I love what I do because I do something different everyday. One day I’m in a development meeting, the next on-location and I’ll finish the week in an edit bay. I’m never bored, that’s for sure!” At the moment, Christine is the Supervising Producer of The Wildlife Docs, a weekly series on ABC, the Executive in Charge of Production on Car Builders, an eight-part series for Nat Geo Mundo, and The Movieguide Awards for The Reelz Channel.


In what little spare time Christine finds, she spends most of it train surfing. “I got hooked when we were producing a special in Germany about a man called Trainrider, and one evening he taught me the secret of riding the roof of Deutschland’s fastest express.” In the winter months you can see Christine surfing AM TRAC’s “Southwest Chief” between Barstow and Vegas, but in the summer she prefers the “Pacific Surfliner” with those crazy tunnels near the Santa Susanna Pass.

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