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For over 20 years, Craig has set the standard for fast, creative editing. “There is absolutely no other editor in the world that has the skill and creativity that Craig has,” says President & CEO of Natural 9 Entertainment Jeff Androsky. “He is hands down the best, easiest to work with, the 'Chopmeister,' in the business.”


Craig oversees the research and implementation of new technology into Natural 9 Entertainment’s visual effects, post-production and mastering pipelines. His group focuses on improving the dailies, editorial, VFX, DI and mastering processes through new file-based workflows and standards efforts.


Digesting the daily changes in todays file based world is the least of his challenges. “I've got a guy for that, and team that



Craig Ordelheide

Executive Vice President in

Charge of Development & Talent

includes US military veterans, so we’re covered." Craig has delivered more than 2,000 episodes of television to virtually every network over the past decade, and never missed a deadline...even though he was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, 


Ordelheide has been playing hockey since he was 4 years old. Today he plays in night leagues throughout the Southland and has a reputation for taking out any Canadian Rock Stars on the ice...but he swears he wasn’t the guy who took out Alan Thicke’s two front teeth.

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