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Jeff Androsky

President & CEO

Jeff is a 14-time Emmy-award winner whose innovative style and creativity has established him as one of the television industry’s foremost producers/directors/writers of non-fiction and event-based programming.


His extensive credits include directing, writing and producing the long-running and highly successful FOX Sports series Celebrity Sports Invitational hosted by veteran broadcasters ranging from Pat O’Brian to Ryan Seacrest;  Robbie Kneivel: Live! Hosted by Joe Buck, Matt Millen and Ron Pitts for FOX Network; Victoria's Secret: Angels Across America for VH1; the PAX reality drama, It’s A Miracle with Richard Thomas; The Movieguide Awards also for the PAX Network; and New Years Eve Life! for the FOX Network.



Androsky currently serves as the Director for The 2014 Movieguide Awards, Executive Producer of The Wildlife Docs on the ABC Network, and as a Consulting Producer for the NFL’s new animated series NFL Rush Zone for Nickelodeon.


Androsky began his career as a journalist at KGW-TV8, the NBC television station in Portland, Oregon. Soon after, he moved to KABC-TV in Los Angeles where he played a key role in creating the highly successful magazine series, “Eye on L.A” which ultimately led to the long-running late-night ABC network series, “Eye on Hollywood.”


In addition to writing, producing and directing programs for all four major television networks in America, he has produced programs around the world.  From Mexico to Malta, Cuba to Vietnam, the South of France to Canada’s Northwest Territory, Jeff has created great stories, great competition and intense drama on six of the seven continents.  


In his spare time, Androsky still practices pole-vaulting, and dreams of the ultimate competition that was taken away from him in 1980 when he qualified for the Summer Olympic Games – only to have President Carter boycott those Olympics – dashing Androsky’s chance to compete against his boyhood idol – Ukrainian Sergei Bubka.

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