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Motorcycle Maverick, Arlen Ness… he’s considered the godfather of custom bikes, a master builder.  Arlen with help from his wife, Beverly, started Arlen Ness Motorcycles more than forty years ago., and with each year, it gets more popular and more profitable thanks in great part to his son, Cory, and daughter, Sherri, who have taken the custom motorcycle business to a new level. 


Follow Arlen Ness on a journey that takes him from the shop he has worked out of for eleven years to a new multi-purpose facility that he has built.  We will watch as his dream goes from a sketch on a piece of paper to a 68,000 square foot mega-structure complete with a museum displaying his one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle collection.


As the date of the grand opening of the new store gets closer and closer, Arlen needs to finish building a new bike to display at the grand opening… one that has never been built before.  He is also cultivating a new relationship with Victory Motorcycles, as well as helping them design a new line of motorcycles.  Arlen and Cory have to travel to Indianapolis for the biggest motorcycle convention of the year; and then it’s off to Daytona Bike Week where Arlen and Cory unveil a bike that will have the motorcycle industry talking.  Plus, their important money-making motorcycle parts catalogue must also be completed during the same time period.  Team Ness has a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time… can they do it?


We’ll go on a motorcycle roadtrip with Arlen and Cory as they hit the road on their custom bikes with the motorcycle club Arlen started more than twenty years ago, the Hamsters.  We’ll be there as they ride from San Fransisco to Sturgis, South Dakota, for their annual trip to the Sturgis Rally.


After six years of planning, building and designing, Arlen’s new shop is ready to open to the public.  Join us for the grand opening… along with 10,000 people!  This show of support is just one example of the respect Arlen Ness is given throughout the motorcycle industry for his kind and soft-spoken personality as well as his amazing creativity making him a Motorcycle Maverick.

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