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Thousands of bikers pour through the gates at Rod “Woody” Woodruff’s legendary Buffalo Chip Campground. Woody is busy juggling truckloads of vendors as the world’s biggest motorcycle event invades South Dakota.


One hard-riding rodeo biker, David “Parts” Vancil, makes the trip to Sturgis every year from his home in Ava, IL. As Parts packs up for Sturgis, his wife, Melanie, begs him to take her. He insists on going alone -- until they battle face to face on the front lawn.


Meet the Zieglers: a wacky family including Dad Scotty, Mom Angie, 17 year old Brooke, and 13 year old Ariel. The Zeiglers are part of an elite motorcycle club called the Hamsters. The club was started 27 years ago by some of the best bike builders in the world including the king of custom motorcycles: Arlen Ness.


The Hamsters are 250 strong and hail from all over the country. Hamster candidates must have a custom motorcycle, ride with the club to Sturgis at least twice, and be invited to join the group. This year, the Ziegler's Sturgis trip starts from their home in San Diego, CA. They drive a luxury bus and trailer their motorcycles. But as they pack, they discover that the bus generator has blown up. The Zieglers toil to fix the generator, but can they make it to Northern California in time to meet up with their fellow Hamsters for the trek to Sturgis?

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